PRNewswire: Orbware Releases EJB Server and Unveils J2EE Plans

PRNewswire: Orbware Releases EJB Server and Unveils J2EE Plans

July 11, 2000

"Orbware, the most recent licensee of Java 2 Enterprise Edition, today announced the final release of OrCAS Enterprise Server v4.0 for EJB. Orbware also released details of a full J2EE platform to be launched this September."

"OrCAS Enterprise Server v4.0 for EJB is a clean room implementation of the Enterprise JavaBeans 1.1 specification providing a fast, pure EJB application server available on NT, Linux and Solaris with prices starting at 95 per server. The product is available for download from"

"'OrCAS is one of the few products on the market that doesn't predate the EJB specification", said Andy Grove, Chief Technology Officer at Orbware. "and that gives us a big advantage because our product was designed purely to be an EJB server and doesn't carry the baggage of past standards or proprietary code. Java developers want pure offerings in this market.'"

"OrCAS Enterprise Server v5.0 for J2EE will combine Orbware's proven EJB technology with the Apache web server and the Tomcat servlet engine. These products can already be used independently but the integration work currently being performed will address many compliance issues and allow Tomcat to be run in the same process as the EJB server, if desired, resulting in superior performance."

"'Apache is already highly regarded as a leading web server platform," said Jorgen Thelin, VP of Engineering at Orbware, "and Tomcat is fast approaching production quality. We believe that the combination of Apache, Tomcat and OrCAS will produce the best web application server for mainstream use.'"