Version 1.7.9 of the MySQL++ API released

Version 1.7.9 of the MySQL++ API released

May 23, 2001

A new version of MySQL++, version 1.7.9, is now available from the site. It is mainly a bug-fix release.

Mysql++ is a complex C++ API for MySQL and soon other SQL databases. The goal of this API is too make working with queries as easy as working with other STL containers. MySQL++ contains many generic classes that can be used with other programs.

The 1.7.9 changes include:

  • Fixed a serious bug in Connection constructor when reading MySQL options;
  • Improved copy constructor and some other methods in Result / ResUse;
  • Many other minor improvements;
  • Produced a complete manual with chapter 5 included;
  • Updated documentation, including a Postscript format;
The MySQL++ API webpage is at