Linux Easy Installer 1.2 released

Linux Easy Installer 1.2 released

April 20, 2001

The Linux Easy Installer is a script to help install Apache, MySQL, PHP, GD (graphics library) and phpmyadmin. (phpmyadmin is a PHP script for managing SQL databases via a simple web browser.)

Fridiric Fouesnant started writing LinuxEasyInstaller a few months ago. He says the script is called Linux Easy Installer, because it installs Apache and related software on Linux platforms. (It does not install Linux.) He says it has been reported to be used under Solaris, HP/UX and AIX.

Fouesnant says the script automatically does the compilation of the software and then configures them. He wrote the script to quickly install a web server with PHP support. He says the script is useful for newbies, because they have nothing to configure. It doesn't limit configurations, like using RPMs; for example, LDAP support can be added.

The LinuxEasyInstaller is available via (The webpage is in French.)