Blade Servers Increasingly Used in Strategic Initiatives, Setting Enterprises on the Path to the Datacenter of the Future, According to IDC

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 6, 2010

Blades support a spectrum of applications, with no single workload representing more than 26% share. Business processing workloads were the most common workload (25.3%), followed by IT infrastructure (21.7%). Application development and industrial R&D (17.6%) were the third most common workloads.

"A recent end-user survey confirms that blade servers are becoming the dynamic platforms for the datacenter of the future. The International Data Corporation (IDC) found that the majority of IT organizations surveyed are now leveraging blades in strategic initiatives within their IT infrastructure. In addition, the respondents identifying blades as a key part of their strategic initiatives were also found to have a higher rate of virtualization on their blades, paving the way for the transition to private clouds within the datacenter." Blade deployments remain largely datacenter centric. More than two-thirds of blades reside within a datacenter, rather than a server room or closet.

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