2 IBM servers equipped with the NEW Intel Xeon 5600 series

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 29, 2010

Some highlights: 50% more memory capacity on rack-optimized servers (x3650 M3, x3550 M3); 60% more internal storage capacity on rack-optimized servers (x3650 M3, x3550 M3); 30%-50% more VMs per server with the virtualization-optimized HS22V.

"I'm excited to highlight new IBM servers supporting today’s announcement of the next generation of Intel Xeon processors: the 5600 Series (codename Westmere-EP… EP for Efficient Processors). IBM refreshed their portfolio of 2-socket racks, towers, and blades. Their Xeon 5600 based-servers (rack and towers) are easy to find with an “M3” in the product name, example: x3650 M3; and two Xeon 5600 based-blades are available: BladeCenter HS22 and HS22V." Check out what the latest Intel processors means to IBM server performance.

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