Implementing and Expanding a Virtualized Environment

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 13, 2010

Key findings in this paper are: Break even financial ROI occurred at ratios of less than 4VM / server Implementing our virtualization strategy required investments across all aspects of the data center, including server, storage and network Intel IT averages 10:1 consolidation for servers and 15:1 for storage with opportunity for even higher density moving forward Appropriate server sizing depends on a variety of many variables including risk tolerance, flexibility, cost and financial goals

"Intel IT started our server virtualization journey back in 2005. To date, we have virtualized 10 to 20 percent of the servers in our office and enterprise environment with an average server consolidation ratio of 10:1 and storage consolidation ratio of 15:1. Moving forward, we are going to accelerate our virtualization efforts toward the continued development of our enterprise private cloud. In this whitepaper, I and Steve Anderson captured the lessons we have learned from our virtualization journey. We hope you find the information useful. What is the status of your virtualization project in your environment? What are the challenges you are seeing and the lessons you have learned?: This paper covers how Intel IT is accelerating its virtualization efforts to more environments and at a faster pace in 2010 continuing to utilize the latest generation of Intel Xeon based servers.

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