What is the optimum server for virtualization?

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 6, 2010

In the olden days, say four years ago, it was a pretty simple question to choose the best server for virtualization in that the options were limited. Processors had a single core, and you had a choice – do I go with two processors or four. Four processor systems had more room for memory, but they also had more processors. Multi-core processors have made the whole proposition more complex.

"Q. What is the optimum server for virtualization? "A. It all depends. {No, seriously, as much as it sounds like a cop out, that is actually the correct answer. I still get asked this question several times a week. After a deep breath, I carefully say “it depends”, but then try and explain my position. Part of the problem comes from looking at virtualization as something you might do to a server, instead of looking at it as part of how you manage all your servers." The key to choosing the best server for virtualization is understanding the specific workloads involved.

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