Data Center Temperatures: Hot or Cold?

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 10, 2010

Alon Brauner (Regional Data Center Operations Manager, Intel IT) talks about his experience on this project in this video on IT Sustainability. Alon has found that turning up the temperature a little in the datacenters (like turning your lights off at home) is saving Intel IT money while maintaining the data centers and the equipment within specification.

"It is winter-time in the US and most of us are thinking about staying warm. However, Many IT professionals, especially the facilities teams are constantly thinking about keeping the data centers cool. What if IT started to think like everyone else and we could allow the Data Center to warm up some. What risks would that bring? Intel IT has been testing and evaluating our ability to adjust the temperature of our Data Centers and the findings are interesting. This video from Intel covers an experiment done at the the corporate data center with regard to raising temperatures in order to reduce costs

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