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The Xeon E5520: Popular for VMWare
This blog posting analyzes which Xeon 5000 series chip is best for virtualization.

New IBM POWER7 Blades, Systems Software, Services Cut IT Costs, Pave Way for New Workloads for Customers
POWER7 Systems Set Benchmark Records; Cut Software Licensing by up to 80%

HP BladeSystem Tech Day: In the lab video
This series of videos explains all about HP BladeSystem and its chassis.

Storage Software with System x Servers
The position of IBM is covered here with regards to the Oracle/Sun deal, and the alliance between EMC,Cisco and VMware.

HP Launches New Generation of ProLiant Servers
HP ProLiant G7 servers with AMD Opteron 6100 Series processors deliver more value, rapid return on investment

Solid State Disk in eX5 servers
This blog posting gives data on the use of SSDs in new IBM eX5 servers

No more bottlenecks: Accelerating real-time data access in blades the solid state way
NAND Flash-based cards add terabytes of DRAM-like acceleration to blades in a new persistent memory tier with advanced error checking, self-healing and RAID5-like redundancy.

New Line of IBM Servers Lifts Performance, Efficiency To Allow New Levels of Consolidation
The new System x M3 and Blade Center systems include: Two new rack servers, the x3650 M3 and the x3550 M3 deliver 50% more memory capacity and 60% more internal storage than the previous IBM generation. The x3650 M3 is also 50% more power-efficient than the previous generation, which was the industry leader in power efficiency.

POWER Overload
This blog posting looks at the new blade servers built on IBM’s POWER7

Top 10 Server Technologies in 2010
Here's a count-down of the top technologies that will have the most impact on servers in 2010

New Intel Xeon Processor Pushes Mission Critical into the Mainstream
Fastest Enterprise and High-Performance Computing Chip from Intel Provides Average of Three Times Increase in Processing Speed, More than 20 New Reliability Features.

Behind the Scenes at the InfoWorld Blade Shoot-Out
Blade vendors were given a challenge: Bring a config geared toward virtualization readiness that included at least 4 blades and either fibre or iSCSI shared storage.

Blade Servers Increasingly Used in Strategic Initiatives, Setting Enterprises on the Path to the Datacenter of the Future, According to IDC
Blade deployments remain largely datacenter centric. More than two-thirds of blades reside within a datacenter, rather than a server room or closet.

Fujitsu's PRIMERGY CX1000 Sets SPECpower Benchmark in 2-Socket Xeon 5500 series server class
First benchmarks validate PRIMERGY CX1000’s revolutionary new power-efficient design

2 IBM servers equipped with the NEW Intel Xeon 5600 series
Check out what the latest Intel processors means to IBM server performance.

HPC Server Market Declined 11.6% in 2009, Return to Growth Expected in 2010, According to IDC
IDC expects the HPC technical server market to begin recovering from the impact of the global economic recession in early-2010, with year-over-year growth projected at 5% to 7%

IBM Unveils eX5 Servers
All-new class of x86 systems break constraints of 30-year technology design; can slash costs by reducing server sprawl

Gartner Says 60 Percent of Virtualized Servers Will Be Less Secure Than the Physical Servers They Replace Through 2012
Gartner Outlines Six Most Common Virtualization Security Risks and How to Combat Them

What does server refresh and a Boeing 747 have in common?
Gartner estimates that two million servers will have had their replacement delayed by the end of 2011. That is 6 percent of the global installed base.

Implementing and Expanding a Virtualized Environment
This paper covers how Intel IT is accelerating its virtualization efforts to more environments and at a faster pace in 2010 continuing to utilize the latest generation of Intel Xeon based servers.

IDC Predicts IT Spending to Grow 3% in 2010
More predictions of a better year, this time from IDC.

What is the optimum server for virtualization?
The key to choosing the best server for virtualization is understanding the specific workloads involved.

The best HPC bang for your buck
One of the key factors to keeping the processor cores busy is how fast you can move data in and out. This article looks at the Intel Nehalem processor in this regard.

Simplifying the BMC configuration on an Intel Server Platform
This presentation goes into great detail about how to configure BMC software on Intel servers.

Data Center Temperatures: Hot or Cold?
This video from Intel covers an experiment done at the the corporate data center with regard to raising temperatures in order to reduce costs

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