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EMEA Unix Server Market Shares 2008 and Forecast 2009-2013
How is the UNIX market doing, and what are its prospects in the years to come?

Gartner Says 2009 Worldwide Server Market Decline Was Softened by Improved Fourth Quarter Performance
2009 was highly challenging for the worldwide server space. Worldwide server shipments declined 16.6 percent in 2009 compared with 2008, while 2009 server revenue declined 18.3 percent versus 2008.

Worldwide Server Market Rebounds Sharply in Fourth Quarter as Demand for Blades and x86 Systems Leads the Way, According to IDC
UNIX continues to struggle while areas of the x86 landscape experience an uptick

Worldwide Server Energy Expense 2009-2013 Forecast
How much energy are servers really consuming and how are things going to change in the coming years?

One fifth of companies to ditch IT infrastructure in 2010
Are people buying less due to the economy, and if so, what are they buying, what are they avoiding?

Enterprise SSDs: Revealing the Integration Landscape
This report looks at how vendors are tying Solid State Drives into more and more servers and storage devices.

IBM Debuts New Server Systems as Oracle Enters Market
With Oracle going public with its plans for Sun servers, the other server vendors have begun to respond. IBM is first out of the gate with some new servers.

Worldwide and Regional Server 2009-2013 Forecast Update
IDC delves into the server market, including a forecast for the next four years.

U.S. and Worldwide Server Installed Base 2009-2013 Forecast
This IDC study presents the server installed base from 2003 to 2013 broken down into U.S. and worldwide market segments. In addition, data is provided by size class, operating system, and chip architecture. This is paid research from IDC.

VMware Buys Zimbra
Hot on the heels of a day of rumors, VMware announced the acquisition of Zimbra, the open-source email platform vendor previously purchased (and up until now, still owned by) Yahoo!. It's a somewhat puzzling acquisition.

Mainframe Directions in the Multiplatform Datacenter 2009-2013
Mainframes have been dead for years, of course. Yet this paid research from IDC studies continuinng usage patterns for IBM System z mainframes, as well as how users intend to use them inthe future.

Virtualized Security Appliances Deliver a Strong Left Hook to Traditional Security Appliances
Security appliances have gained traction over the past couple of years. But IDC now believes that virtual security appliances will dominate the market.

Full-Disk Encryption On the Rise
Aberdeen Group takes a look at the subject of disk encryption -- is it better to encrypt everything or just specific files?

AFCOM Data Center Survey
This detailed survey of hundreds of data centers worldwide includes valuable findings about trends such as greening, consolidation, mainframe usage and facilities management.

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