Red Hat Fiscal 2015 Revenue $1.79 Billion: OpenStack and OpenShift Leading the Way

Cross-selling, OpenShift and OpenStack, as well as the acquisitions of Inktank and eNovance, spur Red Hat forward.

HP Launches Helion Rack for OpenStack Cloud Delivery

OpenStack and Cloud Foundry software gets directly integrated with HP server hardware.

OpenPOWER: The First Fight Isn’t Intel, It’s ARM

Rob Enderle doesn't think OpenPOWER will have much trouble rolling over ARM on servers. There is simply too much of an imbalance.

Vapor Building an Open Compute Server Chamber

While the Vapor Chamber looks like a big Apple Mac Pro, that's just a coincidence according to Vapor's CEO.

IBM Bringing OpenPower Servers to SoftLayer Cloud

IBM is set to enable its SoftLayer Cloud customers to deploy to bare metal OpenPower-based servers, though few hard details have been made public.

Nginx Gearing Up for HTTP2

The next generation of HTTP is almost here, but it won't work without the support of web server technologies like Nginx.

Docker 1.5 Brings IPv6 Support to Containers

The first major milestone release from the open-source Docker project in 2015 debuts with new features that will pave the way for the year ahead.

Red Hat Pushes Forward with CentOS [VIDEO]

Red Hat EVP and President Paul Cormier explains how CentOS fits in and why Red Hat doesn't draw a line for open source.

SUSE Brings Live Patching and Ceph Storage to Its Enterprise Linux

General availability of technology from the kGraft project brings the promise of easier updates with less server downtime.

What's Next for OpenStack Is Ironic [VIDEO]

Execs from the open-source OpenStack Foundation outline some of the big new innovations in the development pipeline.

Open Source Apache and Nginx Web Servers Get More Secure

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.9 and Nginx 1.5.12 debut with patches for security vulnerabilities.

Novell Launches SUSE Appliance Gallery

As Novell's appliance program hits its one year anniversary, the company is planning some innovative advances.

Ruby programmer or Hacker, Are You Betting the Farm on BeanieBoy01?

Cover Your Assets: Know with whom you're working on that all-important project or it could cost you the farm.

Ubuntu, the User Friendly Linux Distro?

What does it mean to be user friendly, and does emphasizing user friendliness mean ignoring other, equally important, values?

Microsoft to Feather Nest With Apache

Microsoft appears to be burying the tomahawk and buying in to Apache. Bruce Perens weighs in on whether to trust this peace offering.

Do More Eyeballs Mean More Secure Code?

Not necessarily. Fortify Software has released a research report alleging that open source software developers are leaving the ramparts unprotected.

Sun Grows OpenSolaris Toolkit

Pundits, however, remain unconvinced that open source is a storage element.

4 Passwords to LAMP Security

It's easy to install a LAMP stack and throw up a dynamic Web site over a weekend -- the real toil comes in securing it. Here are four steps to help avert complacency and get you on the correct path.

GroundWork, Hyperic Deliver Systems Management Solutions

Open source enterprise-class systems management has arrived, and vendors are jockeying for positions.

The Apache Software Foundation, Under the Hood

Mention "Apache" to a sys admin and most likely 'Web server' springs to mind. While the Apache HTTP Web server may be synonymous with the Apache Software Foundation, it is but one project in an ecosystem that includes a database server, content management tools and much more.

Microsoft vs. Linux: The Latest Battlefield Coordinates

Despite strong feelings in IT camps on both sides, victory is not a zero-sum game.

Is It Time to Set Your Applications Free?

The question of whether to use open source software is receiving the answer, "yes," with increasing frequency. But the question of whether to distribute software under an open source license often has a less definitive answer.

Integrating Open Source Apps Into the Server Room

Open source software is finding its way into server rooms of all types and sizes. For those that have yet to get their feet wet, we outline the basics and highlight the options.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: OSBC Open Source Hot Spots

What rocked and what flopped? What made our head turn and what kept us walking? We report back from OSBC. NASLite is an inexpensive and easy way to turn your old PC into a basic storage server.

A Little Bit of Apache in an IIS World

IIS shops that have looked enviously at HTTP authentication capabilities, but have no intention of leaving the Microsoft fold, now have an option: IISPassword.

The Fee vs. Free Divide

Free doesn't always mean price-free when it comes to open source. Many open source vendors sell services and support but keep the product free. We look at six open source offerings to see what you typically get for the money.

Career Options in Open Source Software

If launching a career in open source software is one of your goals for 2006, programming, migration, and translation are three areas to consider.

Understanding LAMP

You've probably heard the acronym LAMP. You may even know what it means. But do you now what the LAMP stack really is and what it does?

Real World Open Source: The TCO Question

TCO is often a key decision factor when deciding between an open source or commercial solution. How the amount is measured, however, is more important than the amount itself, and should reflect the organization's priorities.

Real World Open Source: Security

Security is often the first concern when deciding between open source vs. commercial software. The many philosophical differences result in pros and cons for each side.

Real World Open Source: Management and Interoperability

When choosing among apps, how important are their origins to your future?

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