Server Snapshots: Vendors in the Spotlight

This regularly updated feature looks at the latest offerings and trends from the server OEMs.

Red Hat Fiscal 2015 Revenue $1.79 Billion: OpenStack and OpenShift Leading the Way

Cross-selling, OpenShift and OpenStack, as well as the acquisitions of Inktank and eNovance, spur Red Hat forward.

Solving the Virtualized Infrastructure Monitoring and Documenting Dilemma

Effectively monitoring and documenting your virtualized infrastructure is often a daunting idea for most SMEs, but Reporting-as-a-Service tools like Xtravirt's SONAR can help tremendously.

Intel Debuts Xeon D System-on-a-Chip for Server Density

New chip family from Intel takes aim at the edge of the data center.

Global Server Market Grew to $50.9 Billion in 2014

More servers were shipped in 2014 than ever before, with x86-based systems driving the growth.

VMware Sets the Stage for Server Virtualization in 2015

VMware started the year off with a bang, announcing a clever set of new products and features to go along with the much-anticipated vSphere 6 debut.

Red Hat Primes ARM Server Ecosystem with Early Access Program

Red Hat doesn't yet provide full support on ARM, but it is building a robust partner program to do so.

Interesting Times Ahead in the Server Virtualization World

VMware may be the 800 pound gorilla in the virtualization market for now, but there are much bigger gorillas out there, and VMware has something they may well decide they want in the future.

AWS Lambda Debuts for Running Code in the Cloud

Amazon's new AWS Lambda service enables running event-driven computing code without the need for physical servers or having to handle any virtual servers or virtualization technologies.

VMware vSphere 6 Revealed

Server virtualization technology gets a massive update with more than 650 new features.

CoreOS 'Rockets' Ahead With Docker Alternative

Linux operating system distribution vendor CoreOS aims to expand its own vision for container-based virtualization.

VMware vSphere 6 Coming Soon to a Data Center Near You

Come February 2, all the secrets of vSphere 6 will finally be revealed. What exactly can we expect from the first major new release of vSphere in more than three years?

VMware OpenStack Customers Growing Faster than Overall Business

VMware reports 2014 revenue of $6.04 billion and has big plans to grow the business in 2015.

Oracle Goes After Cisco UCS, with the 'Whole Megillah'

Oracle aims to compete on price, but Cisco isn't worried.

IBM Invests $1 Billion into New z13 Mainframe Platform

Linux is a big winner and an area of focus for IBM's mainframe efforts now and moving into the future.

Oracle Accelerates to the Cloud

Oracle server hardware sales on the rebound, but the real driver of growth is in the cloud.

HP Gen9 Servers Pack More Punch

HP continues to innovate with each new generation of servers while maintaining the tradition of engineering quality hardware. Do the new Gen9 systems live up to that high standard?

VMware in the Midst of a Virtualization Technology Management Makeover

VMware is seeking to stand out from the competition by re-styling itself, complete with a whole new suite of management products to tempt customers.

HP Expands Moonshot Server Portfolio with x86 and Xen

HP's scale-out high-density server platform debuts new application-focused solutions.

VCE Launches New Converged Server Platforms

Joint venture for VMware, Cisco and EMC continues to grow and bear fruit.

VMware Seeks to Provide Customers Safe Passage to Its MDM Solutions

How exactly has AirWatch been enhanced since being acquired by VMware earlier this year, and how does VMware's new "Safe Passage" tie into the company's strategy?

Dell Ups Its Game with the New T630 Tower Server

In conjunction with the release of the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Haswell processors, Dell has rolled out a portfolio of new servers that includes the PowerEdge T630.

New Gen 9 Servers Arriving from HP

Next-generation servers set to support 40 Gigabit Ethernet networking and 12 Gb/s storage drives.

Server Market Grows to $12.6 Billion in 2Q14

IDC sees some positive trends emerging in the server market.

Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements

Integration with Database and Java development teams leads to new server CPU innovations.

Microsoft in Fighting Form vs. VMware

While Microsoft is claiming to have eaten some of VMware's lunch in the virtualization space, VMware undoubtedly will be taking some of Microsoft's dinner.

Lenovo Deal for IBM x86 Servers Gets OK From China

The Chinese government's anti-monopoly agency approves the $2.3 billion deal, which is still getting reviewed by U.S. regulators.

Oracle Launches New x86 Servers

The Intel-powered X4-4 and X4-8 include Oracle's elastic computing capabilities to dynamically adapt to workload needs.

Lenovo Launches ThinkServer RS140 for SMBs

The new system, powered by Intel chips and small enough to fit in closets, comes as Lenovo works to close the deal for IBM's x86 server business.

Cavium ARMs New Server Chips

New ThunderX System-on-a-Chip processor debuts as Cavium expands collaboration with Linux distributions.

SuperMicro Tall Tower Takes Care of Business

The company's SYS-5038A-IL packs a whole lot of features into a single tower case, and its low cost makes the server a great choice for tight budgets.

Two Tower Servers that Won't Tank Your Budget

What can you do with a low-end budget server? In the case of two systems from Dell and Lenovo, the answer is quite a lot.

Cisco UCS Servers Turn 5

Project California has transformed Cisco into a major server player.

Dell Unveils Proof-of-Concept ARM-Based Server

Company officials say they expect the microserver will help fuel the expansion of the ecosystem around ARM-based servers.

Recapping the World of Server Virtualization in 2013

The virtualization space has seen significant changes over the past twelve months, but one key factor remains the same as we turn our attention to what 2014 might bring.

Cisco UCS Buyer's Guide

Cisco entered the server market in 2009 with its Unified Computing System, a series of blades and a chassis designed to simplify deployment, particularly for virtualized environments. See how its offerings compare to those of the more established players.

Dell Continues to Rise

Server Snapshot: Dell has pushed Sun out of the No. 3 server spot. Given the OEM's new array of products, will it be long before Dell's ascendancy places it at IBM's and HP's backs?

Penguin's HPC Waddle

Server Snapshot: Penguin Computing has always, as its name implies, focused on developing best practices for Linux-based systems, software and services, particularly in the HPC space.

Appro: Bringing HPC to the Mainstream Enterprise

Server Snapshot: Appro has always been about HPC. But HPC is not what it used to be, and Appro has changed to meet the needs of more mainstream enterprises with its revamped product lines built around a Scalable Unit architecture.

Verari Expands Its Blade Server Repertoire

Server Snapshot: Verari continues to feature x86 high-density blade configurations, but its offerings now include storage blades and a data-center-in-a-box for IT shops on the move.

Lenovo Server Stable Growing

Server Snapshot: In the past year, Lenovo launched its second generation of ThinkServers, equipped with more memory and storage capacity, the latest Intel processors, and virtualization capabilities. Yet the company remains in the "other" category in the various server measurement surveys.

System X Marks the Spot

Server Snapshot: IBM's innovation isn't limited to its POWER-based servers. A host of new System x and BladeCenter offerings are poised to bring Big Blue to the top volume spot.

Power and the Mainframe

Server Snapshots: Think x86 servers are the only ones worth looking at? IBM's mainframe (System z) and Power Systems (the combination of Systems p and i) may not be "standard," but they're powerful enough for pretty much any task thrown at them.

With Dell, Egenera Seeks to Generate More Than Buzz

Server Snapshot: If you thought Egenera was just a niche player in the blades market, it's time to take a closer look. Its BladeFrame line may be its primary hardware, but a partnership with Dell aims to bring the heart of its offering -- PAN Manager software -- to the masses.

Fujitsu, More Than Just the Status Quo

Server Snapshot: Everything may seem the same on the surface, but recent incremental changes and discontinued offerings reveal much activity under the hood from Fujitsu.

How NEC Beats IBM, HP

Server Snapshot: NEC may not have a big market presence in the United States, but for enterprises seeking high fault tolerance at a relatively low price, it's worthy of being a serious candidate.

Dell Hones in on Blade Market

Server Snapshot: For much of the past year, rather than attempting a winner-take-all strategy against IBM and HP, Dell has been targeting specific segments of the blade market with its M-series offerings.

HP Sharpens Server Offerings With a Focus on Blades

HP Server Snapshot: Out with old, in with new was a running theme for HP's server lines in 2008. The emphasis is now on blades, and a two-in-one 'twin blade' and a virtualization-optimized blades are among the highlights.

Lenovo Server Snapshot: Here's Looking at You, SMB

Hard-Core Hardware: Lenovo's new ThinkServer server line is aimed squarely at SMBs. With its single and dual-core offerings aimed at the lower end of the server marketplace, the jury is still out on whether the OEM will be a game changer or a niche player.

IBM BladeCenter Close Up

Hard-Core Hardware: IBM has sharpened its BladeCenter offerings in recent months. Drew Robb looks at whether these new blades will catapult Big Blue to the top spot.

IBM Server Snapshot: Big Changes at Big Blue

Hard-Core Hardware: A new mainframe offering, and the consolidation and launch of sever lines are but some of the big changes at Big Blue in the past six months.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Stratus

The OEM may be best known for its fault-tolerant servers, but it's also putting much innovation into the software side of the business.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Sun Microsystems

Sun is duking it out with Dell for the No. 3 slot. Will the architectural advances it is bringing to its systems win customers over?

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on HP

For HP, the x86 ProLiant line is where most of the action is, but don't count the Itanium-based Integrity line out just yet.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Fujitsu

If Unix is on the way out, no one told Fujitsu. In 2007, the vendor launched a new line of Unix servers it co-developed with Sun, as well as made incremental updates across the board.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Unisys

Move over ES7000 and ES3000. Unisys' focus for 2007 has been on its ClearPath mainframe line.

Server Snapshot: Spotlight on Dell

Dell is all about the future as it revamps its server lines to combine AMD and Intel quad-core processors. Will that be enough to makeover its somewhat tarnished image?

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Gateway

The Gateway brand may soon be no more, but its products will live on. What steps should server customers take before its acquisition is complete?

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Sun Microsystems

A new blade system, faster processors, and the first fruits of its alliance with Fujitsu Computer Systems has made for a busy year for the Santa Clara systems vendor.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on IBM

IBM has exhibited much growth in both revenue and product offerings since its previous appearance in the Server Snapshot spotlight.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on HP

Incremental upgrades are hardly dramatic, but they are key to keeping up with the feverish pace of technology. HP's addition of quad-core chips to its ProLiant line and dual-core chips to its Integrity line are prime examples of this.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Appro International

High-performance computing is becoming increasingly mainstream. Appro International offers a variety of solutions aimed at this space. Does it have what it takes to compete against the better-known and established mainstays?

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing's initial focus was Linux on Opteron. Now, it meets a wide array of high-performance computing needs through its three server lines.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Stratus

If high availability is critical to your enterprise, a fault-tolerant server is an investment to consider. Stratus is one OEM specialized in x86-based fault-tolerant systems.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Fujitsu

Can the No. 5 server vendor rise in the ranks? Fujitsu aims to. It has refreshed all three of its server lines in recent months and incorporated dual-core and virtualization technology into many of its models.

Server Snapshots: Spotlight on Gateway

From a design overhaul to AMD and dual-core chips, it's been a year of relentless change for Gateway servers.

Hardware Today: Apple Server Snapshot

Apple simplified its server line and made less equal more.

Hardware Today: Dell Server Snapshot

Performance, price/performance and price per watt is the latest mantra out of Round Rock, Texas.

Hardware Today: IBM Server Snapshot

What's in, what's out? From name changes to new processors, the changes throughout IBM's server portfolio have been plentiful in the past year.

Hardware Today: SGI Server Snapshot

Is standardization the solution for SGI? The product line has shifted from proprietary Unix to Linux on Itanium 2.

Hardware Today: Fujitsu Server Snapshot

Fujitsu is getting ready to bid adieu to PrimePower and make the volume market its prime number. Will Primergy and PrimeQuest fit the bill?

Hardware Today: Unisys Server Snapshot

Streamlined server lines, 64-bit support, and Linux compatibility have enabled this server pioneer to keep pace with the times.

Hardware Today: Gateway Server Snapshot

In the seven months since Hardware Today last looked at Gateway, the OEM released a new server, added a dual-core Xeon option to various products, and upgraded its storage offerings.

Hardware Today: Apple Server Snapshot

Apple adds new software and storage capabilities to today's Xserve line. Tomorrow will bring a move from the G5 to the Intel Core Duo processor.

Hardware Today: Dell Server Snapshot

Dell continues to gain ground while holding fast to its Intel ties.

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