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By Ryan Faas (Send Email)
Posted Apr 27, 2009

12. You own more than one book on Apple history or biographies of Apple luminaries.

Few companies have inspired the range of books on their history, products, developers and executives — and even their fans and customers — to the extent that Apple has.

If you're a true Apple fan, you've probably read one or several of these books, such as:

Or, you've seen one of the many documentaries or movies, including:

13. You're currently scouring every Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0 rumor and may know more than members of Apple's developer programs.

Back on the rumor front, if you're a true Apple fan, you're probably checking every rumor or leaked screen shot of both the upcoming Snow Leopard and the iPhone OS 3.0. You may even know more about upcoming features than some casual software developers!

14. You still have fond memories of the Mac OS X Public Beta – extra points if you still own a copy.

The initial release of Mac OS X as a public beta in 2000 was unique for Apple in that the company is usually very closed about future products.

However, Apple solicited a great deal of feedback with a public beta and preview of Mac OS X. If you can still remember the gripes about changes that Apple was contemplating – and did eventually change – based on user comments (like the removal of the Apple menu and placement of an Apple logo in the middle of the menu bar), you're probably a serious and long-time Mac fan. And if you still have a copy kicking around, you're definitely a serious fan.

15. You point out instances of Macs and iPhones in movies and TV shows.

Apple has long-running history of getting its products on the big and small screens from the parade of Macs on Jerry Seinfeld's desk and the PowerBook that brought down an alien spaceship in Independence Day, all the way through the constant parade of iPhones on the current season of 30 Rock.

If you can identify a Mac whenever it appears onscreen, you're on your way to earning your fan card (and if you can typically identify Mac models, particularly vintage ones, then you should already have it).

Article courtesy of Datamation

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