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Posted October 21, 2011

Five vendors in the entry-level NAS market offer storage servers that serve the needs of small to medium-size businesses. In this InfoWorld NAS shoot-out, five- and six-bay NAS cabinets from Iomega, Netgear, QNAP, Synology and Thecus are compared.


"With so many use cases and potential buyers, the vendors too often try to be everything to everyone. The result is a class of products that suffers from an identity crisis -- so-called business storage solutions that are overloaded with consumer features and missing the ease and simplicity that business users require.

"Which of the entry-level NAS vendors gets it right for business customers? To find out, I reviewed five- and six-bay NAS cabinets from Iomega, Netgear, QNAP, Synology, and Thecus. Filled with 10TB or 12TB of raw storage, my test systems ranged in price from $1,699 to $3,799. Despite that gap, they all had a great deal in common. However, I found the richest sets of business features -- straightforward setup, easy remote access, plentiful backup options -- at the higher end of the scale."

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