Tips For Pushing Windows Updates With Windows Home Server 2011

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted December 15, 2011

For those interested in making the process of updating the Microsoft Windows operating system across multiple machines an easier task, We Got Served has a new how-to guide that provides step-by-step instructions using Windows Home Server 2011.


"Are you responsible for the administration of your family’s computer systems? Would you like to push Microsoft’s OS updates to your home computers and reboot them automatically from a central location (like your server?) If you answered yes to these questions, WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) may be the answer.

"Because WSUS downloads Microsoft’s updates one time and stores them on your server, you will reduce your bandwidth usage. Additionally, once the updates have been stored on your home server, updating your computers will be much faster.

"Difficulty: Advanced – Install at your own risk. Note that this is an unsupported scenario, so there is no official support available should your installation go awry. That said, I personally installed WSUS twice on WHS 2011 without a problem, but your milage may vary."

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