ThinkFree Announces Server Enterprise 4.1

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted November 9, 2011

Hancom, Inc. has announced the enhanced version of ThinkFree Server Enterprise, a complete self-hosted private and secure cloud office environment, designed for corporate users in small and large organizations. As noted by the company in its online news release, ThinkFree Server 4.1 delivers the full-featured ThinkFree Office productivity suite to any organization's network including laptops, workstations, smartphones and tablets.


"The redesigned ThinkFree Server Write, Calc and Show applications provide unprecedented round-trip Microsoft Office compatibility; users can create, edit, and save documents, spreadsheets and presentations without corrupting the layout or content. Server Enterprise also provides seamless online document collaboration functionality via workspaces and allows system administrators full management control through any remote web browser.

"Additional features include support for document templates and the ability to search for content within documents."

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