Stratus ftServer Delivers Uptime Assurance for Virtual Tier 1 Workloads

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted December 14, 2011

Stratus Technologies says full-function fault tolerance for Tier 1 applications on VMware's newest vSphere 5 virtualization hypervisor is available on its ftServer platform. As described in this online news release, the Stratus ftServer family applies the full power of up to 24 processor cores with hyperthreading to virtualize mission-critical applications, run virtualization management software and host VDI.



"The ftServer system is the only product -- software or hardware -- that proactively guards against downtime, data loss, and failover resulting from a failure of the server or vSphere hypervisor running on it; Stratus backs its claim with a $50K uptime guarantee. Stratus' resilient hardware and software technologies, combined with proactive availability monitoring and management services, set the standard for uptime assurance.

"Powered by multi-core Intel Xeon processors and Intel QuickPath Architecture, the ftServer 2600, 4500 and 6310 industry-standard, fault-tolerant servers eliminate the operational complexity and high costs inherent in other solutions. Stratus ftServer systems combine purpose-built resilient hardware, Automated Uptime Layer software, and proactive availability management services for complete uptime assurance. Remote support capabilities -- made possible by the global Stratus ActiveService™ Network -- enable service engineers to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve problems online as if they were on-site."

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