Stable Release of Apache Traffic Server v3.0.2 Available

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Posted December 8, 2011

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Traffic Server project have announced the release of Apache Traffic Server v3.0.2. Apache Traffic Server is fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server. This release, while primarily a bug fix release, includes two new SSL features.

Apache Traffic Server 3.0.2 was released on December 07, 2011.

[TS-859] - ATS requesting to origin instead to the parent server
[TS-867] - PluginVC crashes with TSFetchURL
[TS-882] - traffic_logstats dies when printing log
[TS-883] - traffic_logstats provides conflicting help
[TS-888] - SSL connections working with 2.1.5 fail with 3.0.1 and FireFox
[TS-901] - Valgrind found minor leaks and uninitialized variables
[TS-906] - ATS doesn't read proxy.config.http.forward.proxy_auth_to_parent
[TS-916] - TSHttpIsInternalRequest() crashes if client connection is terminated prematurely
[TS-927] - [patch] dont use malloc.h
[TS-944] - ssl.server.cert.path & ssl.server.private_key.path do not work as expected
[TS-967] - Traffic Server unconditionally sets compiler optimizing flags (with patch)
[TS-969] - make check failing on Debian Sid and Solaris
[TS-1030] - hash collation in hdrtoken_hash

[TS-730] - [gsoc2011] SSL needs CipherSuite control in negotiation

New Feature
[TS-1013] - Allow ssl_multicert.config to support CA chains per host

Download the Apache Traffic Server 3.0.2 source code at Apache Traffic Server

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