SolarWinds Releases Free Virtualization Monitoring Tool

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted December 2, 2011

SolarWinds has announced SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor, its latest virtualization and storage free tool to help target storage IO problems caused by server virtualization in real time.

As noted by SolarWinds in its online announcement, SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor connects to VMware vSphere and monitors the top five host to datastore total storage response times, providing users with the top five virtual machines (VM) using the connections from an IO (IOPs) perspective.


"'If a user is experiencing a slow response time on a virtual machine (VM), SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor can quickly and easily give a snapshot report into how VMware datastores are performing direct from the user's desktop in real time,' said Jonathan Reeve, SolarWinds' Senior Director of Product Management. 'Using this data, the user can then determine whether there is a VM issue or if the issue is related to storage.'

"For iSCSI and Fibre channel datastore types, SolarWinds Storage Response Time Monitor breaks down the total response time into 'kernel latency' (time spent in the host) and 'device latency' (time spent in the SAN)."

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