Racemi Unlocks Cloud Server Migration

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted January 5, 2012

One fear of cloud computing is that an organization will be locked into one service provider and not be able to achieve their overall goals. As reported on Virtually Speaking, a recent addition to Racemi’s portfolio is Racemi Cloud Path -- a tool set that makes it possible for workloads to be migrated into, out of and between services offered by cloud service providers.


"As one might expect, the 'any-to-any' migration is quite difficult. Although all of the workloads might be executing on Windows or Linux, the drivers, management tools and the like differ from one system to another, one operating system version to another, one virtual machine supplier to another, etc. Only a few suppliers have the capability to extensive any-to-any capabilities. Racemi. Most suppliers, such as VMware and Citrix largely offer capabilities to move workloads around in their own environment and offer little to no cross-platform capabilities."

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