Poor Server Replication Is Pricey

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted December 19, 2011

Market research firm Vanson Bourne found that enterprises using server replication only replicate around 26 percent of business critical servers. As reported on Reseller News, each major outage of business-critical data can cost over a million pounds, it is estimated, with data replication failures playing a major part.


"Enterprises actually using server replication estimated that in the event of outages, their cost savings are over $417,000 per hour from their replicated server. However, the remaining 74 percent of their unreplicated server estate would actually cost them over $436,000 per hour in an outage, they said.

"The top three barriers preventing increased server replication included cost of hardware (60 percent of respondents), cost of replication software (52 percent) and complexity (42 percent)."

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