NextComputing Announces Nucleus Server For Small Spaces

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted January 6, 2012

NextComputing has announced the Nucleus Server, a small pedestal server that is optimized for full-scale server deployments that require a mix of virtualization, high-speed networking, and enterprise-level storage. The Nucleus Server takes up only half the space of traditional servers while offering performance on par with much larger systems.

According to NextComputing, smaller offices can benefit from the Nucleus Server’s compact size -- it takes up minimal space so even the corner of an office can be made into an efficient micro datacenter.


"The Nucleus Server solves the shortcomings of traditional tower servers when it comes to reliability, portability, and performance. For companies that need access to server hardware from anywhere, the Nucleus Server offers the smallest form-factor available, including a convenient handle for easy portage. This can be especially useful for companies that need to run high-end software away from the office, such as conducting sales demonstrations or proof-of-concept installations. In cases where complex applications using multiple virtual machines must be utilized, the Nucleus Server is the ideal alternative to under-performing laptops or shipping bulky servers to a customer site.

"While cloud services and WAN are popular for things like email or simpler business software, many branch offices must still use their own servers for more complex applications needing the performance only local hardware can provide. Also, for emergency situations, a disaster recovery plan may require physically moving servers off-site. The Nucleus Server can easily be moved from facility to facility, ensuring that critical applications and data remain intact."

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