iTRACS Updates Data Center Management Software

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted December 21, 2011

iTRACS Corporation, Inc., has announced a new level of automation, ease-of-use, and time-to-value in its Converged Physical Infrastructure Management (CPIM) software portfolio. As note din this MarketWatch news release, the release of CPIM iCDC v2.4.1 helps iTRACS customers generate even faster time-to-value from their physical infrastructure, simplify the adoption and ongoing maintenance of their DCIM solution and optimize the accuracy of their data center models without any manual intervention.

"Enhanced Capacity Planning: CPIM iCDC v2.4.1 offers true row-based capacity and white space management, automatically tracking and reserving space at the cabinet level. CPIM automatically reviews all power and network connectivity, identifies actual available row space, and confirms the ideal physical space for the new assets - right down to the millimeter. This makes rack-and-roll deployments easier than ever and allows users to "design" the growing density of the data center vs. adding assets ad-hoc. CPIM also automates the placement of vertical-mount power strips, turning a manual, unmanaged placement process into an automated, managed one. Customers can optimize the deployment of both rack-mounted and zero-U (not rack mounted) devices with full confidence that the model will be true-to-life."

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