Fujitsu Announces Peak Power Demand Reduction for Smart Cities

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted December 15, 2011

Intended for deployment in smart cities, Fujitsu Laboratories Limited has announced development of peak power demand reduction technology. Peak power demand reduction has typically been handled by installing energy storage devices in buildings or households.

According to Fujitsu Laboratories, with the new technology, a wide range of data—including the power consumed by each office and residence, as well as the usage patterns and charge levels of decentralized energy storage devices installed at such locations—is collected in the cloud.


"During a test study in which the technology was put into use to control the electricity consumption and recharging of batteries installed in a large number of notebook PCs dispersed around an office, the technology succeeded in reducing the peak power demand of the entire office by approximately 10%. Going forward, Fujitsu aims to deploy the technology in smart cities to help bring about the creation of societies that are better able to supply their own energy needs."

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