Extensible Siri Proxy Server Gives Developers More Control

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted November 28, 2011

Now that SiriProxy has been released developers are racing to find new ways to make Siri useful. The list of devices Siri can voice control is getting longer and iPhoneFAQ reports that Apple has not yet had a public reaction to these new, unauthorized uses of Siri.


"It all started when Applidium reverse engineered the Siri protocol and posted the files for anyone to use.

"A developer named plamoni took the process a step further by creating an extensible Siri proxy server, which allows Siri to interact with other devices on a network without jailbreaking the iPhone. He successfully used his iPhone 4S to control a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat using the software.

"Now that SiriProxy has been released the cat is out of the bag, and developers everywhere are racing to find new ways to make Siri useful."

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