Data Center Management Tips: Budgeting For 2012

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted January 4, 2012

Now that the holidays are over, data center budgeting and how to save funds is one area of focus for the year ahead. As reported on The Data Center Journal, each company has its own unique priorities for its IT infrastructure, but there are a number of critical areas that are worth reviewing for 2012.

"You need to pay to secure your IT resources. Unfortunately, people are out to get you (and your data center). And, also unfortunate is the fact that you must spend money to protect yourself from malicious parties. Your data center budget should reflect the importance of security to keeping your facility running and to protecting your (and your customers’) data. There’s no single fix for all your security problems: it’s an ongoing conflict as malware becomes more complicated in response to better security measures, and so on. Your budget should always allocate sufficient funds to both implement and maintain the necessary security measures: firewalls, anti-malware and site security, for instance. If your company is high profile or if you are keeping highly sensitive information, you’ll need to give security greater leeway when data center budgeting. Even if your company is not so high profile and you could care less if someone saw your data, however, you still need to protect yourself from malware that could damage or destroy your equipment."

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