Choosing a Server for Mobile Apps

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted November 17, 2011

For developers building a mobile app, and important part of the equation is picking and choosing the right server or cloud solution for storage, push notifications, user information and analytics. In this Mashable article, author Christina Warren looks at the new wave of companies and services that are stepping in to help developers make the best choices.


"AWS SDK — Amazon offers an AWS SDK for Android and an AWS SDK for iOS. These SDKs offer libraries, code samples and documentation to help app developers leverage Amazon’s AWS services, including EC2, S3 and Amazon SimpleDB within their own apps.

"Windows Azure — Microsoft is pushing its Windows Azure cloud as mobile-dev friendly. The company has released official SDKs and APIs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

"Google offers Android developers the ability to link their apps to Google App Engine, using the Google Plugin for Eclipse."

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