Running VMware on Windows Home Server

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Posted Aug 24, 2011

Microsoft has its own Hyper-V Virtual Server application but you can still run VMware on Windows Home Server 2011.

VMware Server is VMware’s free Virtual Platform that the company stopped supporting in fater October of 2009 with Version 2.0.2. Still, many see this as a very useful application that runs a variety of different Operating systems with virtually all of the Windows Operating Systems up to and including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Home Server 2011. This article on Using Windows Home Server provides a how to guide for running VMware Server On Windows Home Server 2011.

"We will be installing a free Virtual appliance called VMware Server onto our Windows Home Server 2011. Even through Microsoft has there own Virtual Server application called Hyper-V, VMware is by far the forerunner of leading Virtual Technology today. Having started in 1998 with their Hypervisor and GSX platforms they have gone on to be the number 1 choice by most Government and Private Industries. VMware Server is VMware’s free Virtual Platform that was released initially back in July of 2006 with Version 1.0 as a way of having the consumers (preferably the Enterprise consumers) try it on a smaller scale so they would hopefully of course buy the even more robust platform. As of June 30, 2011 VMware no longer supports the VMware Server application and the last version released was in October of 2009 with Version 2.0.2. so the only support you maybe able to find will maybe be in the VMware support forums."

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