Apple OS X Lion Server as a Home Server

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 16, 2011

In a two part article, We Got Served explores using Apple OS X Lion Server as a home server. Author Terry Walsh examines OS X Lion Server to see how it measures up, its features, hardware and software installation, ease of configuration and also discusses where Apple’s server platform is headed. In addition, Walsh also looks at OS X Lion Server’s suitability for the home.

A close examination of Apple OS X Lion Server.

"Whilst Cupertino does its very best to lock OS X to Apple hardware, it is possible (for the hardcore tinkerer) to run the operating system on standard PC hardware. Welcome to the world of the ackintosh. Running this kind of installation is out of scope for us in this series, but there are plenty of guides and walkthroughs available online, with Lion installation guides emerging now. Google is your friend. Expect a healthy dose of frustration, and a few glitches along the way post-install. But it’s certainly a cheaper option than buying new hardware.”

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