Exploring Apache Hadoop Security

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Aug 15, 2011

A former technical lead for the Yahoo! team that added security to Apache Hadoop, provides a brief history in this article on Horton Works. Adding security to Apache Hadoop was motivated by the demand for security which would allow users to use Hadoop more effectively to combine resources between disjointed groups. Economically, larger clusters are less expensive to operate and require fewer copies of duplicated data.

Demand for security motivates Apache Hadoop Security addition by Yahoo!

"Prior to Apache Hadoop, if a Yahoo! employee had an idea that required new analysis, they had to request hardware, find space in a data center, order it, get it provisioned, get access to the raw data, write their analysis program and then ultimately run it. The whole process took months. Now, it takes only a few hours to be authorized on the shared Hadoop clusters and the analyst is up and running.”

Read the Full Story at Horton Works

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