Virtual Machines Provide Quantum Leap in Computing

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jul 22, 2011

Virtual machines have moved the computing world forward in leaps and bounds, but proper maintenance to ensure optimization is key to improving benefits. Market Wire reports that there is a widening use of virtual machines, beyond that of servers, including virtual desktops which can be accessed by remote devices, physical servers which, when mimicked by virtual machines, allows them to be backed up and restored onto new hardware, and, because they make further use of existing hardware, virtual machines are of interest to hosting companies, cloud computing and SaaS enterprises.

Virtual machine advancement possible with optimization.

"Virtual machines have meant a quantum leap in computing from numerous aspects. From a footprint standpoint, multiple servers can now be operated from one hardware platform, where before one server equaled one such platform. From an ease-of-use viewpoint, a user can now launch a complete server and utilize it for specific tasks -- something unheard of in past years. As the technology evolves, such benefits will only improve and become more in number.”

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