Intel CEO Dismisses ARM

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 23, 2011

In an article presented on The Register, Intel CEO Paul Otellini expresses his less than glowing opinion of ARM Holdings’ efforts to crack the server market. Otellini was dismissive when asked what ARM would have to do to become a player in the server space, and even took the opportunity to gloat reminiscing about Intel’s emergence in the market. The article’s author, Rik Myslewski wonder if the excessive bad-mouthing is evidence that Otellini and his compatriots aren't perhaps, uncomfortable with the successes and ambitions of Cambridge, UK's pride, ARM Holdings PLC.

Otellini scoffs at ARM Holdings' efforts to crack the server market.

"Otellini asserts that one reason Intel will maintain its server advantage over ARM is experience. ‘Power-performance advantages are a function of the architecture – not just the instruction set, but the compute architecture that you embed over many, many years,’ he said, reminding his audience that ‘We've been doing server chips now since 1990.’”

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