IBM Virtual Server Is No Game Changer

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 14, 2011

Sliding into an already developed market of virtual server offerings, IBM (NYSE: IBM)'s launch of its new home-grown Virtual Server Services today has failed to impress. Although the company is guaranteeing 99.95 per cent up-time with the new products, IBRS analyst Dr Kevin McIsaac states that the IBM offering is no game changer, adding that mid-level offerings from some telcos are already six months ahead, according to ZD Net.

IBM falls flat on virtual server services according to analyst.

"’I think there's going to be a role for mid-level players. They will attract a price sensitive audience as I imagine IBM will be more expensive. Those folks who are more focused on availability or more sensitive to lower risk might be more inclined to go to IBM than someone else,’ he said.”

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