Xangati Offers Virtual Desktop Dashboard

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 29, 2011

Xangati has launched a highly scalable dashboard that allows IT admins to see what’s happening in a virtual desktop infrastructure environment. As noted in this ZDNet Blog report, the cornerstone of the Xangati VDI Dashboard is its patent-pending performance health engine that analyzes the health of VDI in an unprecedented four microseconds.

The Xangati VDI Dashboard provides analyzes the health of VDI in microseconds.

"Relying on Xangati’s memory-driven architecture, the performance health of the VDI is being continuously monitored across a broad spectrum of performance metrics to the unrivaled scale of 250,000 objects (which can include desktops and clients). In contrast, other performance management architectures are database-driven and unable to keep apace of dynamic interactions to scale that are fundamental to VDI."

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