Server Virtualization Management

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Posted Mar 25, 2011

During the past three to five years acceptance of virtual servers has grown quickly among both end users and IT staffs. According to this Computer World story, more than half of all companies now deploy new applications on virtual servers by preference, rather than physical ones. Still, some major misconceptions about server virtualization remain and this article discusses six server virtualization management myths.

The myths of server virtualization management.

"2. That big ROI will drop off.

"Virtual servers continue to work more efficiently than physical servers, and make better use of the hardware that's already bought and paid for. But the huge return on investment many companies get when they first convert P to V in one department or data center - and usually repeat in each stage of a multi-phase migration - does not renew itself every year or every time the company has to replace its servers, according to James Staten, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

"The dropoff in ROI and increase in operational costs that happen when IT finishes the last stage of a phased-migration to virtual servers and begins simply to support them can make IT look as if it's suddenly costing the company more money, Chen says."

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