Everything You need to Know About Dedicated Servers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 21, 2011

Today more business owners choose to run their own dedicated server to minimize server costs. As noted in this article on The Hosting News, running your own dedicated server has many advantages compared to renting one monthly from a hosting provider.

What you need to know before investing in a dedicated server.

"So now that you know the bare essentials to starting your own home based server we should look at some additional cost. As mentioned above it is vital that you have a static IP. Expect to pay under $10 per month for your static IP and a one time starter fee. A T1 line is a good idea for your dedicated server as you are paying for a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and speed that exceeds DSL or cable. T1 lines are burstable (which allows you to pay as you go), but these allow you to use more bandwidth when you are experiencing higher volumes of traffic within a short amount of time. However, if you have a network of local computers, that will be using this T1 line it might be a good idea to purchase a bonded T1. Bonded T1 lines which offer full bandwidth to a single pipeline of multiple T1 lines. The prices for T1 line are $100-$200 per month (burstable), but bonded T1 lines are $600- 3,000 per month (plus the installation cost). Now that we have gone through some of the numbers let’s talk about the OS or operating system that you are going to need to install to run your dedicated server."

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