Hypervisor Ousts Server OS

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 16, 2011

According to a recent survey conducted by GCG, the hypervisor has taken over the role previously held by OS: controlling the interchange between the hardware and the applications. Enterprise IT Planet reports the survey also revealed that Solaris64 usage has declined to just over a quarter of respondents using it somewhere, from the previous survey which found almost half of the respondents had at least some Solaris x64 usage.

GCG survey shows shift in OS market.

"’Organizations have been steadily migrating business critical applications to x86 servers, and they are the IT backbone of many data center operations today,’ states Matthew Eastwood, group vice president of IDC’s Enterprise Platform Group. ‘It’s undeniable that the x86 platform has moved from an edge-of-network box to a viablemission-critical server choice,’ said Olds. ‘Rising performance, reliability and operating system quality – coupled with strong price/performance – have made the x86 platform a valid host for truly mission-critical applications.’”

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