vCenter Operations Manages Virtual Servers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 9, 2011

According to IT World, VMware has announced a set of new and repackaged tools designed to make it easier to monitor and manage performance of virtual servers, physical servers and large populations of both. vCenter Operations is designed to give IT access to real-time performance data and analytics for VMware-based infrastructures as well as capacity- and configuration-management tools.

VMware offers cloud computing control.

"’Cloud is still just a concept,’ Chen said. ‘At heart, clouds and IT are still physical servers, software, cables that hook things together, A/C that keeps it cool -- cloud doesn't really address any of those fundamental computing limitations. ‘No matter what, you're still going to have to have someone able to see and manage all the pieces that go into the cloud,’ Chen said. ‘We're still kind of working on the tools to be able to do that.’"

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