SeaMicro Innovative Server Making Waves

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 3, 2011

SeaMicro’s innovative SM10000-64 server features no less than 256 Atom N570 dual-core processors, each clocked at 1.66GHz, making for 850GHz of total computing power across 512 cores. With many servers chewing through energy and requiring masses of air conditioning wherever they're housed, the SM10000-64 is the server of choice for Skype, France Telecom, China Netcom Broadband and various other high-end users. PC World states the server uses only a quarter of the power of an equivalent setup using traditional x86 server chips, such as Intel's Xeon line. Therefore, because it uses Atom chips designed for mobile phones which are physically very small, the SM10000-64 server cabinet takes up just 10U of rack space and heat generation is significantly reduced.

The SM10000-64 is the future of low power server computing.

"SeaMicro management is keeping quiet on whether it'll produce a smaller and less expensive version, although in a comment to BizFeed today a spokesperson said SeaMicro's technology is extremely scalable and that the company is ‘able to build larger systems appropriate for container size deployments as well as smaller systems,’ adding, ‘We will let the market guide us as to which we choose to do next.’"

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