ThinVNC Remote Access Server Released

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 9, 2011

The final release of ThinVNC Remote Access Server, a tool that provides an access point for remote screen sessions has been announced by Cybele Software Inc. According to SF Gate, the ThinVNC offers an easy-to-use web interface targeted to both administrators and end-users, and it redirects ThinVNC's HTTPS/Websockets traffic enabling secure access to any PC on the LAN through just one public IP address, using native, firewall-friendly protocols and ports.

Cybele’s tool provides an access point for remote screen sessions.

"What if the target PC is turned off? ThinVNC Remote Access Server solves this very common obstacle for remote access. When the PC is off, end-users can remotely turn it on with a single click, sending a Wake-On-LAN packet over the network. This option makes it unnecessary to leave PCs permanently on, thus saving energy and helping to keep data privacy while the user is not sitting at desk.”

Read the Full Story at SF Gate

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