Energy Manager Tracks Virtual and Dedicated Server Environments

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Feb 4, 2011

Sentilla Corporation introduced Sentilla Energy Manager version 3.3, incorporating the world’s first software to accurately track and predict application performance and energy use in both virtual and dedicated environments. The Manager enables enterprises to make informed, strategic decisions about where to run applications, how and when to virtualize, and how to get the most out of their equipment and power capacity, reports Business Wire, by automatically recording how much work is performed, how much energy is consumed, the cost of running each service, and the efficiency of each service.

Sentilla software helps enterprises utilize power capacity.

"'Sentilla is committed to providing a comprehensive IT performance management suite and is the only company that takes energy into account when looking at application performance,' said Mike Kaul, chief executive officer of Sentilla. 'By knowing how well each application is performing, for the first time, IT organizations using Sentilla holistically plan the evolution of their IT environment—from equipment refresh to cloud adoption—thereby extending the life of their data centers and getting the most out of every dollar spent.'”

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