Mobile Access Reduces Control

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jan 27, 2011

Every time a new access method is added in the enterprise there is a period in which a lot of time and energy is spent trying to figure out how to control that access. New venues are cropping up everyday which users can utilize to access corporate resources thereby increasing the strategic importance of intelligently enforcing access-control policies. Sys Con reports that although the lure of VDI may be strong, performance can be significantly impacted by the deployment of VDI, and the access-control challenges broader.

New access venues make enforcing access-control policies increase in importance.

"'The danger is that cell phones are tri-homed devices -- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GSM wireless,' says Robert Hansen, founder of Internet security consulting firm SecTheory LLC. Employees who use their personal smartphones at work 'introduce a conduit that is vulnerable to potential attack,' he explains."

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