The Future of Windows Home Server

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jan 26, 2011

In an article presented on ZD Net by author Simon Bisson, the future of Windows Home Server is discussed. After the removal of Drive Extender from Windows Home Server "Vail" and Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, the market for the server is gone. Bisson suggests that with Windows 8 offering system-on-a-chip support, and the need for lower power embedded hardware, there's a place for Home Server on the next generation of ARM-based low power storage systems.

Finding an appropriate home for the home server.

"An Xbox Home Server? Why not? That way it reminds users that they need storage for all their video and audio, and that it's something they need to rely on (especially to manage video and digital photographs, not to mention iTunes libraries). It might not make storage cool (as much as we'd like it to be), but it would both sell hardware and add use cases for additional features. With a plug-and-play approach to integration with Xbox, it would be relatively easy to extend it to the rest of the home, to Internet-ready TVs via DLNA, to PCs, and to Windows Phone devices too…"

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