Web Hosting Provider Announces Cloud Hosting Platform

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jan 11, 2011

SingleHop, Inc., announced the launch of its new cloud hosting platform, Cascade. Completing SingleHop's unique strategy of bringing the benefits from traditional dedicated server hosting and cloud computing advancements together into a new and better system, Cascade combines the flexibility of cloud computing with the reliability and legendary dedicated processing resources of traditional dedicated servers into a single platform. Details are offered in a press release on the company's own website.

SingleHop's Cascade combines traditional dedicated server hosting and cloud computing advancements.

"'Users of traditional dedicated servers enjoy dedicated resources at a fraction of the cost of cloud hosting, but without the ability to easily scale resources up or down. Cascade offers the best of each technology by retaining the flexibility of cloud computing and cascading it onto traditional dedicated servers, an engineering solution that is easy to use and understand. Furthermore, Cascade allows dedicated servers the self-healing benefits of cloud computing where users have their dedicated environments, but no longer experience downtime with hardware failures. We're very excited about this innovative approach,' added SingleHop Chief Operating Officer, Andy Pace."

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