Data Center Management Tips: Threats In The Air

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Jan 3, 2011

A recent study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory calls attention to the increased presence of airborne contaminants due to cooling data centers with outside air. These common airborne contaminants might be relatively harmless in other environments, but will trash data center components if not addressed. Although air filters can trap many particles, reports Processor, smaller contaminants can infiltrate filters and lead to corrosion and other problems in data center equipment over time.

Airborne contaminants that can destroy data center components if left unaddressed.

"Despite the many dangers of airborne contaminants, there may not be a need for outright panic among data center operators. OwlPoint’s Blanke says that most data centers aren’t sensitive enough to particulate contaminants for major problems to emerge, especially if outside air is being properly filtered using the same or similar filtration systems used to clear air through air conditioning. Nonetheless, many experts recommend visual inspections for particulate contaminant build-up on equipment and other areas, and data centers with more sensitive equipment can use data loggers that measure levels of airborne contaminants as well as other levels, such as relative humidity and temperature."

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