Cloud Server Provider Launches Web VNC App

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Dec 9, 2010

In a press release by the company, and presented on Real Wire, CloudSigma AG announced the launch of the Web VNC application featured in Google's newly launched Chrome Webstore. The Web VNC application offers a full VNC session from within the browser, removing the need for users to load a standalone VNC client to remotely access their servers. In order to deliver a seamless browser based delivery model Web VNC uses HTML5, websockets and other new web based technologies.

CloudSigma AG launches in Chrome Webstore.

"Patrick Baillie, CEO of CloudSigma commented 'VNC is an extremely widely used tool for remotely managing servers. Its often used for trouble shooting and in high pressure mission critical situations. The ability to use this tool in a browser without the need for dedicated software or a secured connection allows administrators greater freedom and quicker response times when they need it most.'"

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