Data Security and Cloud Computing

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Posted Dec 6, 2010

For many looking to move to a public cloud, keeping data private and secure is a key concern. This article on CIO outlines as a cloud vendor, how to protect data by ensuring data storage is robust, secure and kept private in IaaS clouds. One concern is over data leakage and the solution to this can be found at the vendor level. By saving the virtual block devices fully encrypted below the level of the cloud server, drives can be stored fully encrypted implicitly within the system and the data decrypted and served on the fly to customer cloud servers as it is accessed. This approach needs no manual intervention or set-up on the part of the customer and is completely robust to server crashes, restarts etc.

An outline from an IaaS vendor on how to secure data in the cloud.

"Data leakage is simply the movement of data from one customer to another. Essentially each user in the cloud should only have access to their own data and not be able to access the data of others. We've already looked at cloud networking and seen how this is achieved securely through traffic separation and giving customers the control they need to apply networking policies that directly address their needs."

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