Governor Schwarzenegger Virtual Migration Law

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Nov 22, 2010

As reported on TMC Net, the Office of the State Chief Information Officer is working to consolidate and virtualize equipment to reduce energy usage as outlined in this year's mandate to overhaul the state's technology infrastructure. With over 80,000 computer servers across California state agencies, Governor Schwarzenegger's consolidation mandate was made law when approved by Legislature in August. The mandate is a way of maximizing the physical resources of existing hardware, reducing new acquisition and maintenance costs.

Consolidation mandate will close server rooms that house non-network equipment.

"The consolidation mandate, AB 2408, approved by the Legislature in August, puts into law the requirements in Governor Schwarzenegger's EO S-03-10 for agencies under his authority to: * Reduce the total amount of energy utilized by information technology and telecommunications equipment by 10 percent by July 1, 2010, by 20 percent by July 1, 2011, and by 30 percent by July 1, 2012, * Reduce data center square footage by 25 percent by July 2010 and by 50 percent by July 2011, * Begin hosting all mission critical public facing applications to a Tier III data center no later than September 2010, and begin closing all existing server rooms that house non-network equipment by June 2013."

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