Creating a Backup Mac Server

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Nov 12, 2010

In an article on Mac World, author Christopher Breen explains why using an old Mac makes an ideal backup server when your hard drive inevitably fails. Breen suggests a main reason for this is because the old Mac doesn't need to be a powerhouse. Mac backup software runs on PowerPC and Intel processors and much of it runs on older versions of the Mac OS. In addition, the author says the backup server and all the Macs to be backed up will have to be on the same network ideally using a wired Ethernet network (preferably gigabit Ethernet) or a wireless network. It is suggested you be prepared to leave your Macs on for an extended period of time while they’re backed up.

Using an old Mac as a backup server isn’t an overly expensive proposition and it’s relatively easy to set up, run, and maintain.

"In regard to storage, hard drives are today’s easiest way to store backups. Storing backups on CD or DVD is fine if you have little data and a single Mac to back up, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth to babysit a multiple-Mac backup using optical media. Unless you have a Mac with an easily upgradable hard drive (an old Mac Pro or Power Mac G5, for example) you’ll want to get an external hard drive. Shop around and you can find 2TB external drives for around $150—internal 2TB drives can be had for half that."

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