Data Centers Adopt Data Services Engines

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Sep 15, 2010

Consolidated IT solutions, like the Vblock one -- a broader coalition between EMC, Cisco and VMware called the Virtual Computing Environment Coalition (VCE) show an increased interest in using data services engines as a way to reduce IT costs. As reported in this Computer World Blog this new partnership between the large players vindicates the once-maligned approach and validates the blog author's own optimized IT model and data services engine paradigm.

Data services engines are a way to reduce IT costs.

"This new marketing strategy of converging innovation and technology into feature-rich but simplified offerings is not unique, though.

"Apple pushed the iPod and iPad as innovative designs in the mobile and portable computing markets, and now EMC/VMware and Cisco are pitching everything "V" (which I assume stands for virtual). EMC has 'Vblocks' (that name even conjures up an image of some V8 hemi engine, doesn't it? Ergo, the engine paradigm), and VMware has 'VSphere.'"

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